overseas learning team

Overseas learning is designed to equip students with the generic skills and enhance residents' overseas exposur. Students will be sent to different countries to do different kinds of voluntary work. Every year got the unique theme and designed by the organizing committee.

Photo: Sustainable Marine Ecology Visit in Kenting 2017

Sport Team

JCSQ Sports Team aims at providing residents a platform to try different sports, especially for non-PE students. Besides, we hope that resident can enhance their cohesion and loyalty to JCSQ through joining different type of sports activities.

For example, resident can participant in local basketball league and play basketball every week through JCSQ basketball team.

Volunteer Team

JCSQ Volunteer Team aims at uniting enthusiastic residents through opportunities of volunteer work. Residents can also make good use of their knowledge while volunteering particularly through volunteer teaching and workshops.

Photo: Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Pao Siu Loong Care & Attention Home

Sustainability team

Sustainable Living Ambassador aim to provide an experiential learning chances for residents like farming and field trip activities. They can take into practice, start enjoying and protecting the environment after exploring the nature. Also, we aim to build up a sustainable life style and atmosphere in JCSQ through different recycling promotion and scheme.

Art & Cultural Team

The goal of JCSQ Arts and Culture Team is to bring arts experience to our community with our residents. By combining art and social services, we conduct different projects to serve special groups of people such as primary school students and sick kids in hospital. Our team also aims at raising hall residents’ interest in arts and ability of creativity by organising various arts workshops. We always believe that arts is a good way to build harmonious community and enrich one’s life.