Message from Warden (Dr. Wai Chin Li)

Hall life is an integral part of the University education. Hall life experience is highly essential to students’ all-round personal development. Living in hall offers students plenty of learning opportunities for whole person development through participating in various hall functions throughout years of hall life, during which students’ learning experience can be enhanced and the university educational aims can be achieved. My visions of hall life education are to provide a multidisciplinary and simulative environment for students to develop and foster their lifelong skills in self-management, interpersonal relationship, communication proficiency, organization, and leadership. It also allows students to build their self-confidence and social competency, enlarges their social circle and makes life-long friends. I truly believed that members of the JCSQ have created a lively community and culture whose activities and impacts have extended far beyond our campus already. I will ensure that JCSQ not only provides a safe and healthy, friendly and comfortable living place, but also offers various opportunities for students to develop, grow and excel in different facets.

I did treasure the moments to be with all of you and very proud to be the warden of JCSQ.

Feeling of us

JCSQ is truly a unique home. Not only does JCSQ give you a place of residence, but also it connects JCians together through a variety of programs and activities. Looking forward, I hope the community grows stronger in terms of its identity and culture!

Valeria Li (Senior Tutor)

Hopeing that:
- JCSQ was a place to nurture your positive personality.
- JCSQ would be an important part of your university life.
- You will find the days in JCSQ a sweet one even you have graduated from EdUHK for years.
- The friends in JCSQ would be your life-long friends.

Angela Fung (Hall Manager)

To me, JCSQ is a place for us to dream and to realize our imagination. Whatever your dream is, you will always find support at somewhere here. If you have a chance to live here, remember to spend some time at the beautiful balcony and look up to the sky: it is the only limit you have at JCSQ.

Dr. Savio Wong (Former Warden)

Jcians shall never leave Jcians.
That is always our comfort zone that we call home.

Sam Heung (Tutor 2017 and SRA 2014)

Our People

Senior Tutor (Ms. Valeria Li)
Hall Manager (Ms. Angela Fung)
Student Resident Association
Tutorial Team